a creative gathering in south australia

Sept 16-18 2018

The Wolfpack Retreat is back! This year we’re taking the pack deeper into the exploration of what it means to create meaningful art for humans in love — through adventure, community, experimentation and celebration!

As always, we’ll skip the wedding industry instruction manual for creating pretty presets, getting on vendor lists and other assorted business jargon… Instead, we’ll empower you to embrace your uniqueness, create from within, AND we’ll show you how your journey only becomes easier and more rewarding, once you find your wolfpack!  

Our past attendees have made epic strides through this community, and often the conversation goes deeper than wedding photography. So whether you’re an established pro or a weekend warrior, there’s insight for you here! 

Your Hosts


Dan Evans / Adelaide, Aus

Dan entered the wedding photography industry over 10 years ago at the tender age of 18 (far before it was synonymous with boutique coffee drinking, overpriced fedoras & preset sales). As somewhat of a lone wolf, his personality driven business methods may seem unorthodox to many. But they’ve allowed him to  navigate through a fast changing industry, create his own rules and define his own success on a national & international scale.

Dan will be diving in on how brand and persona are one and the same in his eyes, and how hitting that proverbial nail in the right place can lead to massive demand.


Joshua Kane Wood / Miami, USA

Originally from Adelaide, now based in the US, Josh subtly weaves context and narrative in his cinematic wedding photography. Traveling for about 80% of the weddings on his calendar, he believes that communication, trust and attention to detail are the most vital pieces of the creative puzzle. Also a family man, Josh seems to have found the perfect work/life/adventure balance on his terms.

He’ll be covering purposeful storytelling, inspiration sourcing for unique imagery, as well as some tips for those who hope to book more travel weddings!


Katherine Schultz / Guest Speaker

Wise beyond her years, Kat specializes in Babies and Families as well as Weddings. She also happens to have one of the tightest and most visually pleasing brands of any multi-skilled photographer out there. Just a sidenote: she’s also our go to foodie for epic recommendations all over the country, so don’t be afraid to jump in and use this opportunity to quiz her whilst you can.

She’ll walk us through why there are no excuses for not having the business you want, as well as pointing out some handy organizational tips for getting you there faster and without tearing your hair out.


Tomek Celarek /  Guest Speaker

Tomek has been in the game for several years. Although… he admits that he’s not particularly good with time frames, nor does he find them important, so he couldn’t possibly tell you how long it’s actually been. However, he will tell you, with unabashed passion and depth, that he views life as both beautiful and tragic. Within this contrast, he will also tell you, that there is a sameness and realization that everything around us is in a state of perpetual change. And so it goes with his photography.

Tomek will be speaking about fostering relationships and trust for intimate and emotive imagery. 


Atkins Lab / Guest Speaker

These guys have been an institution in Australia’s photographic community for almost a century. If you’re an Australian photographer and you’re not using Atkins for your Albums and Prints, you need to see and hear what you’re missing out on. They love making new things. They strive to work out photographer’s biggest problems endeavor to try and fix them. They’re also we suckers for beauty. Beauty above all else.

They’re charming, accommodating, totally transparent… AND they’ll be explaining the value of their products for the benefit of your clients satisfaction as well as the sustainability of your business.


What you can expect

The Space

We f***ing love South Australia! To prove how magical this place is, we’ve secured an epic little hideaway nestled on the edge of some incredible south coast cliffs. The views are unreal! The property stretches along some rugged and almost inaccessible landscape with loads of wildlife, luxury lodging in an architectural marvel, camp fires under starry skies, and sketchy internet access (which is just the way we want it).

The Vibe

We will be splitting our time between exploring the rugged south coast terrain’s as we dig into the content  through tangent friendly conversation fueled by copious amounts of coffee & a range of local drinkables. Come sundown, the light dissipates and the campfires illuminate the clifftops as we hang out for some witty banter and friendship building deep into the in to the night.

The Fun

The best part… it’s not all talk. We’ll be doing plenty of actual shooting with real couples… and you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to epic locations to add to your portfolio. Wild experimentation encouraged! We also want to create an environment that facilitates the freedom to exchange ideas, we’re all in this thing together and together, we can help lift that proverbial bar so we all prosper.

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Sept 16-18 2018

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