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5 Podcasts to listen to while you edit

  1.05.2016   admin   Development   No comments

Podcast are the most efficient way to find information and inspiration these days... We thrash podcasts in our car, on the plane and definitely at the editing station! There are

An afternoon with Bayly & Moore

  30.04.2016   Josh Wood   Uncategorized   2 Comments

Last November, Simon and Sophie of Bayly & Moore skipped over from Auckland, NZ to good ol' Radelaide to shoot a wedding. We were more than happy to host them for the weekend

Discover your indentity

  29.04.2016   Dan Evans   Uncategorized   2 Comments

A little something on why you shouldn't be afraid to be completely yourself. Everyone in photography these days seem to strive to be the exact same person and these clichés