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Podcast are the most efficient way to find information and inspiration these days… We thrash podcasts in our car, on the plane and definitely at the editing station!

There are a number of great podcasts related directly to the photography industry and even wedding photography specifically. Namely: Photo Biz Xposed with Andrew Helmich, Way Up North with the awesome guys from Nordica Photography (and a slew of amazing guests)… and The Epic Podcast with photography wizard, Sam Hurd. All share great insights are super easy to sit back and listen to while plugging away in lightroom.

But, in true wolf pack spirit, we encourage seeking inspiration and insight from sources not directly related to your everyday tasks as a wedding photographer. We find this helps keep the mind fresh and spark creativity by finding new ways to apply learned wisdoms from unexpected places in to your own unique approach.

Here are 5 such unexpected sources that we think are absolute audio gold!

  • TED Radio Hour
  • Freakonomics Radio
  • Invisibilia
  • This American Life
  • Radio Lab

Here’s a little slice of why these are so great to listen to while editing… (assuming you’ve never heard of any of these… if you have, then you already know!)

  1. If you’re not familiar with TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks by now, you should probably buy an apple tv or go on youtube once in a while. These are at most 18 minute presentations of pure genius from the worlds leaders in just about any field. The content is often mind blowing! The TED radio hour is a compilation of some of the best presentations rolled in to one hour of podcast gold. Not only does listening to these presentations just make you feel smarter, they often inspire deeper reflection about things that you never knew mattered so much to your everyday life, let alone your photography. You really never know what you might discover in these talks or how it might relate to taking pictures, so give them a try next time you have a pile of editing to catch up on. We recommend starting with Brene Brown’s presentation on The Power of Vulnerability, and Mark Ronson’s presentation on Originality.
  2. Freakonomics Radio sounds like a boring economics class for people that are way too in to numbers and statistics. Buuut if you actually consider for a moment the subject of economics at a macro level, you’ll see that it’s really the study of everything to do with human behaviour, and thus… it’s really freaking interesting! With recent episodes  that dive in to self improvement, we’ve found loads of relevant topics that have really helped the way we deal with people in our everyday lives as photographers, as well as productivity!
  3. Ok, Invisibilia is a fun one… It’s a story based podcast about the crazy phenomena that we can’t see. Because the production of this podcast is so clever, and since it deals with invisible topics like what animals do after dark or exploring the power of the human mind, it’s actually perfect for audio in that you don’t feel the need to stop what you’re doing and google everything they’re talking about. The series is thought provoking, but also probably our favourite pick for sheer entertainment value.
  4. NPR (National Public Radio) is probably America’s most thorough and bias free resource for news, history, current affairs and just downright interesting stories that you probably wouldn’t have cared about in your early twenties, but that really start to matter to you in your late twenties. Chicago based, This American Life is one of NPR’s story centred podcasts that features cutting edge journalism but delivered through creative and compelling audio productions that put the listener right inside the narrative and makes you care about the issues at hand (or sometimes just enjoy the ride).
  5. Radiolab is largely similar to TAL, but based in New York and thus slightly more edgy in our opinion. The storytelling aspect of both these podcasts have been a huge influence in the way we present our photographs… It’s made us care about the integrity of a story, and to be mindful of presenting photos as an accurate and subjective recount of events (not just something pretty to look at). It might seem like making a connection between news radio and wedding photography is a stretch… but again, you never know where inspiration might come from, the important thing to us is that seeking emotional content inevitably makes you more aware of how to spark an emotional reaction in others.


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